The Death Of Cupid

Written by: danielle lewis

On the subject of love notions bring me to believe that I am done being oblivious and subjecting myself to pipe dreams. As foolish as it may seem, I shot cupid down on target with a laser beam. Stood over the soul and stole his bow and arrow, reclaimed my own Love and who I wanted to aim for. Not bitter just tired of the same ol' same, addressing every situation differently and still the b.s remains. Is it me???? Got me feeling like Drake and Jamie (Am I falling 4 the same type?) so I am dealing with myself from the neck up, don't wanna disregard love but I'm FEELING sick and in need of a check up. Evaluating self and keeping the goodies tight, adorning myself with needed essentials and able to sleep at night. So I buried the little cupid and left w/ a sound mind, Loving me is infinite until love finds me in God's time! victory is mines. The most high and I got this,  shedding the idol garbage. R.I.P CUPID.