To Really Love

Written by: Steve Harvell

                     your Love to me is that
                        of a burning desire.
               Your kisses quinching my thirst
                   Your figuared base there naked
               That of soft music under a sheet of dinner
                   Your intreging curves, soft and gentle I love.
               The way you smile, my heart goes; Thump'  Thump'
                   To see it, brightens my days of many dreams
                          The feel of your hold
                     Your skin slide just beneathe me
               There in dark places you bring only blessing one adores.
                   It's getting to know of you, I have Love even more
               But now becoming your lover I fight for what I believe in more
                   That is of life itself as well as having that chance again
               It's knowing I have found Love once more as,
                   I know I Love You to the inner depths of my soul