Questions of What to Believe

Written by: Jevaun Walker

Can you really trust what you can't see?
Are we just imagining what is there to be?
What makes us believe what we heard happened in the past?
I know there was a first, but how do you know that there will be a last?
I hear stories from all sides, but can I get a sign to know which is right?
I've been in the "dark", will you show me the "light"?
I sat there and listen, but why is water running down my face?
Is it my mind or is it this "spiritual" place?
Why do I feel the same when I'm somewhere else?
That's two different "spirit", is there someone else?
I feel lost when I'm not there, but why?
How can evil be below, and good above the sky?
How do I know what is wrong from what is right?
Can I embark on a journey of good with a rocket ship flight?
There's nothing but space above the moon, can't you see?
And only the core of the earth below, or is evil below the sea?
How can we burn for eternity down there?
And after a while it becomes normal, what's left there to fear?
I came from somewhere, but I still ask who am I?
They say we shouldn't question Him, but who is this guy?
Where is He when the innocents are dying?
Why can't He wipe the tears when they are crying?
They say He's everywhere, but why is there so much evil on earth?
But yet we do trust Him, giving your life to him, what does it worth?
You ask the orthodox, they leave u asking, what is faith?
Trusting your own belief, what sense does that make?
I've heard that this faith saved people’s lives, but are the telling lies?
But I still want to know, who, what and why those tears flow from my eyes?......