A real man

Written by: Andrew Vassell

A real man

A real man is not just about
a ram, jam, slam or thank you
mam, he's sensual, sexual and 
softly physical. He's not just 
about his needs, he firstly 
wants to please with little 
tease and gentle touch, he 
want her to experience a
mental rush.

He's not about to just dive 
in her ocean without showing
her romantic motion, he wants
for her to be like a spring but
he also want to burst her pipes
within. He' ll treat her like a
lady and comforts her lonely,
he'll help her to live her dreams
and make her feel sexy 

A real man lifts her confidence
and be the shield to her defence. 
She'll never have to suffer in 
sexual frustration as he'll be 
her erotic nutrition and 
he'll always make her smile 
till tears consumes her eyes. 
He'll always be there to meet 
her needs and comfort her as 
she please.

Copyright Andrew Vassell 2012