Self Defense

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                      The darkness of night,
                                                      may bring you some fright,
                                                      the sounds that you hear,
                                                      may enhance all your fear;

                                                      you'll hear a twig snap,
                                                      but you can't see the chap,
                                                      you'll hear the leaves crunch,
                                                      and you throw a wild punch ;

                                                      there is nothing at all around ,
                                                      just some natural sound,
                                                      but when there is no sight,
                                                      nothing at all seems right ;

                                                      now i see a man with a knife,
                                                      moving at me to take my life,
                                                      I stepped back and got my gun,
                                                      pulled the trigger and gave him one.