Spirit of Equus

Written by: Amy Green

Equus -
From birth I felt your
vigorous presence-
In this body, it is a tingle of joy,
Upon which I fully enjoy-

Spirit horse
You have taught me the true voice of the wild
You have showed me the coup of burden
You have let me know it is all a choice-
In your company I rejoice
In your strength- Secure in your power.
From you, the dreadful cower-
Specter of wind, shadow the sin
Always creeping within-
You bring the light.

Within the constellations
We are close
My Aquarius, below Pegasus
and southeast of Equuleus
So inseparable are we
In the flesh you have come to me
I see your actions as a language
ingrained- no voice
Yet- You tell me everything
with the simple swish of a tail-

Swiftly you emerge
With a lightening trail
When I seek freedom and flight
Take me, Equus spirit, to a place
where we gallop together racing the clouds
Where love is unrestrained 
and liberation abounds-
Synchronized are we in vitality-
As one are we in flesh-
Kindred spirit
Immortally we mesh.

A. Green