Planting Seeds

Written by: Robert Ball

By planting seeds of any kind you make crops grow.
Fertilizing the soil we get a crop of fresh food, this we all know.
By planting seeds we insure our lifestyles and what determines our bliss.
Today famines, pestilence, deterioration of soil will bring about new crisis.

The fumes from autos the gases from fossil fuels have incurred global warming.
Our bread belt in the U.S., is being polluted by this and truly is alarming.
We now have over 6 billion people on this earth, our eco system is failing
How can we continue to possibly feed all the nations? Our people and planet are wailing.

Plant the seed of hope my brethren pray to the Father, stand up and help the people understand.
That the end of the age is upon us, we will have to answer to the Father and face Jesus the Spiritual Son of man.
All on this planet have to answer to Him someday; the killing, wars, have to stop or this planet will be emptied.
The world will change and it will be sudden, a blink of an eye, and we will be changed spiritually.

Through our deeds and thoughts we can turn to the Father and spiritually plant the seeds.
Anyone with half a brain can see man’s way is not working, we are in need.
Don’t elect corrupted officials who do nothing but line their pockets and abuse their power.
For the day of the Lord is near we are rapidly approaching our Lords dynamic majesty and His hour.

Planting seeds for our food and nourishment are fine, but don’t forget that what the Father says you know.
We need a humbling contrite spirit because the Father tells us through Jesus, that we will reap what we sow.
We can harvest, we can toil for our food, yet, we are missing the point here and it’s very clear to me.
Unless we turn to God’s laws, His edicts, and repent for our transgressions this country and others around the world will be lost spiritually.