Sleep Less Nights

Written by: Marcedies Rhodes

Sleep Less Night

I stay awake thinking of you and all the wonders you have done for me.What pray tell why me have you chosen to love with out rest? what do you see in me?what is it about you that keep me up all night and jittery all day? I am but a simply person who wonder the earth noticed to everyone and yet unseen by others.My thought drift though I sleep not I drown my self with thoughts of you the only thing I can do.As I finally turn to rest my dreams our of together from sunset when the birds let out there first chirp until the dusk of night when the crickets start singing there tell of the night.I have many sleep less night only to think of you and of you and me together,But when you see me I can only run fearing you might see the love in my eye as I gaze at you.This sleep less night why are they here why do i keep them in mind for only I with's for this one side love to continue or is the love two side.Though I must wonder what you think of me if you have sleep less night because of me i must let my mind wonder for another night for I must rest so that I may see your wonderful face for the morrow.