Weep, Beloved

Written by: David William Breidenthal

Pressure builds up inside of you...why are you so blue?
You tell me not to worry about it, but this feeling is fresh as dew!
Weep, oh beloved, weep till your eyes grow sore
I want to see those deep blue eyes shine evermore

Weep, beloved, weep till your sun peaks out from the desolate sky above
Weep, beloved, I beg you to weep till your waterfall pours fourth love

Dreariness bubbles up inside of you…why are you full of rue?
You warn me not to pervade, but your feeling is as contagious like the flu
I want to hear you laugh gleefully once more…I want to see your happiness soar
Like a dove sending a joyful message from afar, there is an appearance to adore

Weep, beloved, weep till your rainbow flashes with every single hue 
Weep, beloved, I demand you to weep till your stars twinkle anew