When Darkness Falls

Written by: Danielle Wise Baxter

I sit restless on the edge of my bed my hands radically rubbing wringing wet I have been right in this position a million times before, you can bet but tonight it has me drawn in, all of my attention given a snack quickly I cry out, he is always scared, did I mention no matter I think it makes me love him more, held in suspension he sends me to places unknown through his adventure to haunted Irish castles and slimy swamps we venture and in the end as the beginning I will sing his song, a real quencher "Scooby Dooby Doo Where Are You" it's 8 pm, time for our misadventure
Yes, being silly, it is 4 am here. My bones say 2035 and midnight. lol I swear I am turning into Granny Clampet, (Beverly Hillbillies) there must be rain in the forecast. Oh my kingdom for a jug. "tahe" ( yes spelled wrong, just my own thing since I was 4) Anyway I hope people can find time to watch Scooby Doo, he is my MAN! :-) I told you I was here for fun. lol