Written by: cyprian duruaku

                                                                                                                                    nine months of slavery
Pains with origin that no man can tell
Nine months of love and agony
A gift we cannot sell

Lo! I kicked and kicked with reckless abandon
What pains could make one smile
Her push brought me to this wicked kingdom
Praise god! For this love is mine

She made me suck what i did suck
For all those care, i don’t know why
Maybe am just a friend of luck
What magic she did with lullaby

What manner of love could be pure?
So sweet, so real and so sure
Unlike the dying love of a lover
Than the limitless love of my mother

She thought me to pray
And gave me the pay
She begs me to stay
So i won’t go astray

Nine months for my brothers
Nine months for my sisters
Nine months of lovely suffer
God please bless my mother