Bow Hunter

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                           I sit and I wait, and I wait some more,
                                           I watch and wonder and do implore;
                                           I have my bow and arrow in hand,
                                           my eyes scan left, right, all over the land; 
                                           I listen to the blue jays as they scream "man",
                                           I hear the squirrels and sit as still as I can;
                                           my ears are tuned to hear the snap of a twig,
                                           I wait for the buck that has grown so very big;
                                           then I see the shadow move through the brush,
                                           I wait and wait with the silence of a hush;
                                           there he is, 10 beautiful points sit above his eyes,
                                           raise, draw, aim, release and away my arrow flies.