reconing in love

Written by: rochelle smith

could  you  behold  an  empty  glass  ,  that  left  its  wine  stain  ,like  that  of  a broken heart  and feelings  not  in vein,  i tore my dress  running in  a frantic  slip  ,  i need  to compose  and get  a grip.  i fell hard  in love  this  night  , hearing  melodeys  in my head  not  remembering  a  word  thats  said .  love  vanishes but  yet  comes  back  ,  id  know  if  it  was  truely  gone  ,  this  is not  where  i belong  ,  flowing  is  the  season  how  it  comes  and  goes  , seeing  the  tree  branches  as they  touch  winds  that  blow,  could  you  see  my  tears  that  had  droped  from my  eyes  ,  heard  the  sounds  from  my bellowing crys  ,  i think  not  ,  i know  you  have  another  .  smoldering  heat  in between  the  folds  my skin  is  warm and  i cannot breath  restless and  weak  is  my  strenght  deminishing .  where  is  life  where  is  love  ,  caught a  glimpse  of  flying  dove .  iam  alive.