Mistakes help you grow, shaping who you are once you've learnt

Written by: Sarah Casey

It eats me up inside.
Maybe you don't get it 
maybe you're failing to accept 
But it's certain that it's hurting 
and eating up my pride-
While guilt plays it part
While it all trembles before the 
eyes soaked-
Reminiscent of your pain.
I can never win
Nor can I move forward
Paths are torn in two
And I want to believe you-
You say to me once more
When all I want is to hold and 
prove I never loved 
Like I now do
I never knew it was possible to 
reveal  a side to you 
And that vulnerability 
when your tongue tied words
Mimic the naked truth-
assuring not only your heart 
but your mind falls harder
While you slip away in some 
sort of fantasy
One you can't imagine leaving
One that's meant to remain 
 Then the steadfast loyalty 
suppresses any doubt
Even after doubt has been 
proven time and time before
If only I loved you then as I do 
I'd be a better person
Capable of genuine love.