My Curous Friend

Written by: Shirley Long


I have a very curious friend who do not
mind asking questions from within
This is just my curious friend.

My curious friend do not care if the
questions are good or bad, neither
do my freind care if it makes you
mad.  My friend loves to say, comes
what may and do not care what
time of day.

My curious friend is constantly talking,
telling and asking tales of old, no
matter how it sounds, my curious
friend wants it told.  My curious
friend will talk all night, until you
decide to cut off the light.

My friend will just go on and on and
never say anything about going home.
My curious friend is nice as can be,
but his questions along can get the'
best of me  Sometimes I feel like '
telling him no, I have no answers now,
it is time for you to go.  

That is the tale of my curious friend,
he will ask you questions until the end.