Roscoe's on His Way

Written by: RALPH TAYLOR

I'm standing at your gravesite, Gran,
where you were laid to rest!
I ain't that good at explaining stuff,
but I'll do my very best!

I hope that you will listen,
to what I have to say,
I just came by, to let you know,
that Roscoe's on his way!

I know that you'll be happy,
to have him back again!
You two, were near inseparable,
as I remember, way back when!

He was a pup, three weeks old,
when I placed him in your hand!
You pretended to be angry,
and I didn't understand!

Soon, you let your guard down!
He became, your new best friend.
You spent 12 great years  togeather,
side by side, until the end!

Roscoe, wasn't quite the same,
since you passed, two years ago.
He missed the one he loved the most,
more than you could ever know!

Old age, illness, and a broken heart,
was more than he could take!
We had to have him put to sleep!
It was best, for Roscoes sake!

So keep you eye out, Granny,
Roscoe's on his way!
You'll be togeather, for eternity,
that's what we hope and pray!