The curtain tears at the centre stage
On a dancing mother and her saddled baby
Birds whistle, trees dance as the cock crows
The fire, whir, caresses her to ash
The new sizzling act oozing panache
The herald of a new dawn
 The snoring clouds will give birth to a novel day
Poco a poco, the journey commences
Whoa! He makes it to the cast in life
The number one movie in the box office
See! The smouldering sun, fireballs everywhere
The boy, a man, a lion...
Rolling in the deep
Solomon please last forever
Progressively the day bids farewell as the sun fades away
The stage illuminates in her consummate intimacy with the moon
Basking in the euphoria of virginity long lost
Solomon, a boy, bag of bones
The moon wax stronger as the night crawls in stealthily
Zero, oh! Oh, zero! Time of reckoning calling
The weary act takes a big bow as the centre stage closes
And his shadow fades back to oblivion.