With You

Written by: Trisha Colley

There are places I want to 
There are things I want to do
Life's got me wanting more
I wish to see it all with you

The things we have yet to 
To round up everyone in our 
Smiles and laughter from a 
play date 
Are things I look forward to 
with you

To wake up early in the a.m.
And smell the morning dew
To stay up late past the p.m.
It all sounds better to me, with 

To share my stories
And paint the sky blue
To make new memories
And share it all with you

To cast a line and catch the 
that thrill
To ride the river and see that 
To set up camp and hike that 
It all feels greater if I'm with 

But none of this can happen
Unless you want this too
To take me with your passion
It's what I want to do with you

Now all I can do is wait
For the day when you pursue 
I hope it's never too late
For the moment you want me