If I Should Ever Wake Again

Written by: shane solomon

A same day started over at the beginning,
I awaken to the same ol' bull sh*t,

Last night, heard a loud breathing sound
Reminded me of a closet-monster

I hovered my ears and tossed and turned
Checked the ticking time again and again

Stared out the foggy window
Covered in the starlights dew

For a few moments relief had cut my mind
A different corner of thought

But it was destroyed by that flagrant beast
Who had the nerve to giggle at me

In the morning its breath scared my nostrils 
To scurry behind my ears and tremble

Its footsteps clammoring down the spiral of a stair
Yet I cringe because he makes me so mad 

I run to the mirror and see the monster before me
Me... and I realize by fright... damn! I snore really loud