Written by: Victory Iheanacho

Life is a journey
A journey through the unseen 
A journey different from other journeys 
We all shall go through 
Face trails, get tempted 
No one is exempted. 

Why is there a negative story 
Behind everyone's moments 
Yet people rejoice 
Some, they perish
I've trailed through this journey, looking for a 
Yet, no preferable conclusion. 

Some so smooth 
Some so rough 
Mine is so tough 
Learned so many ideas 
And lost much zeal 
Is it ideal to be idle?  
Whereas the idle mind conceives terror 
And a busy hand goes mislead.

What is sure to a perfect life? 
Is it a life full of lies?
Or a life with the light 
Life of delight with a plight is half a life.