will you, my dear

Written by: Aseem Desai

will u answer my questions dear, these few that i have to ask?
will you let me speak dear, to the angel behind that mask?
will you help me chase my dreams, will you help me bring them to life?
will you ease the pain i am in , will you help me end the strife?
will you walk the path with me, will you be my light?
if i am lost and alone in my blindness, will you be my sight?
the road is rocky, see how i stumble, will yours be my hand to hold?
to steady me through storm and tide, to comfort me when i am old?
will you be my passion for life, to drive me on and on?
will you be the essence of my existence while i am here, and my memory when iam gone?
will you be my fear, to pull me back when i drift too far?
will you be my ray of hope, will you be my morning star?
will you be my lips, and speak for me what i should say?
will you be my guiding light, and lead me all the way?
will you be my strength, and help me change the world, alone?
will you me my moment of rest, when i am tired and i am worn?
will you be my faith my love, my hope when i am in need?
will you be the righteousness, in my every deed?
will you choose to walk with me,i promise you i ll walk  until l i can,
will you be my fairest lady, and will you let me be your man?