Incineration of Love God Madan Cupid 12

Written by: Ravindra K Kapoor

Incineration of Love God Madan (Cupid) 12
Originally written in Hindi by my late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor
1899 to 1994. The work was written in Hindi somewhere around 1965-70.

Editing and English version by Ravindra K Kapoor.

Hindi name ‘Madan Dahan’

Sweet fragrance began to flow,
Taking smell from the flowers in bloom,
And flowered creepers began to  hang,
On the arms of their beloved trees.

All flower plants were smiling in bloom,
Spreading  their charms all around,
Deer were revealing their passion,
By engrossing in the ecstasy of pleasure.

The golden rays of  Sun,
Were spreading their magical brightness,
Making Nature smiling, in a bath of pleasure,
As it bloomed suddenly from childhood to youth.

Kanpur India 3rd May 2012

To continue…
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