The Endurance

Written by: Karen van Wyk

Woes’, my dearest friend!
I have partaken in battle. 
Facing the fury of ravenous dogs!  
They gnashed my bleeding limbs! 
In the darkest hour, I stood! 
Hands calloused, reaching to the sky!
Gently offering stretched fingers.
Grasping for abandoned faith!

And love. 
Yes…. oh yes! And love! 

Crumpled upon baron soil!
Knowing well, that within this ticking life...
I will once again - be forced to the battle. 
Yes, I carry many scars!

Songs of joy abound.
For, I am victorious once again!
No manner of man shall deprive my stand. 
For my pillar …is faith.
My breath is life! 

Therefore, in fiery death! 
Or quiet, passing in the night!
My presence is known! 
Thus, my story is told.