Walking by faith

Written by: Andrew Vassell

I'll only walk in my faith,
only in you I lay my weight,
their's no burdens here
since you've relief my fears.
I hold no secrets in life,
you'll protect me without
a blade of any knife and
be the angel of light when 
I walk at night. 

Like Daniel had no fears
in a lion's den, I too will
embrace you my friend.
You helped Moses to part
the red sea and made five
fish and two loafs five 
thousands tea so I know 
you'll do the same for me. 

You're my salvation, so who
shall I fear, the strength of
my rock and my roots are
grounded in you, a friend for
true. In me you reside, you're
the sight of my eyes and the
guard to guide my life. 
Walking by faith as you
define each step I make but
for you my heart waits.

Copyright Andrew Vassell 2012