When Something Isn't Right

Written by: Walter Williams

Have you ever had a nagging feeling that something isn't right ?
Now multiply a hundredfold, this represents my plight
The world laid out before you, on the surface all is well
Non specific swirling darkness, grave forebodings dwell
Try to keep your focus, through long shadows ebbing light
While all along dark spectre creeping, approaching endless night
Not a fear of ghosts and goblins, or monsters under bed
But a feeling deep inside the core, that penetrates the head
Things are not so bad you say, you're better off than many
If it's comfort you are seeking, you're not receiving any
Suffocates your optimism, and all that's good and true
You ask yourself what is this thing, and what it wants from you
Search within you, try to find, your strength and your voice
Looking for the answer as if you had a choice
You want to see its ugly head that you may stand and fight
But as for now, all you know is something isn't right