Written by: Jessica K

I bring him home in happiness
Not expecting your reply
For behind your false smile
Lies a thick prejudice eye

Starring down the man before you
Dressed in charcoal skin
Too ice cold in stubborness
To see the man I love within

I see he doesn't meet approval
Based on you hardening glance
But I'm sure he'd win you over
If you just gave him a chance

However if you choose not 
Then disown me as well
For he's too valuable to lose
Just for your racist dwell
Call me colorblind I suppose
For I love my dearest beau
And I can't wait for the day
I may whisper my "I Do" 

I love my man like I like my coffee
Black just is my cup of tea
He's won my heart and affection
Unclog your pride and see

I look not at deepened shade 
For its my soul he fills with entice
Do not rainbows blend perfect together?
Why not take their advice 

He follows God like yourself
Leads and leans me closer to Him
So take this moment to get to know 
What lies underneath charcoal skin