Written by: Robert Ball

You've heard the saying I'm sure "Home is where you hang your hat."
There are very many other sayings, some greater than that.
"Save a penny for a rainy day." also many others.
One saying I like personally is, "Love for your sisters and brothers."

Our Holy Bible has sayings also, written by scholars.
Some put these sayings on cards, to earn the almighty dollar.
Intentions and sayings are good but one comes to mind.
Jesus said," Fear our Father, and be loving and kind".

Our Bible explains many sayings by either Prophets or the "Word" the truth.
One thing for certain is all books of the Holy Bible deal with many sayings. Like love in the book of Ruth.
Sayings in your life do count; they can uplift and praise God, or can be hurtful.
When you say something trying to be funny, it may be the truth or it may not be faithful.

Considering ones feelings is the utmost important lesson, whether wrong or right why say something that hurts someone?
Does it make you smarter? Does it help the other human? Was it fun?
Our Lord loves all of us, and to say something to bring hurt, or emotional trials, did it help that someone?
I think not.  God gives wisdom to whoever he chooses, by saying a nice saying.
You will find love and become one of God's sons.