My Hero

Written by: Adrienne Gresham

On some days you were father and mother too
As an earthly parent, there could be no other you
You combed my hair for school and taught me as I grew
I struggled with math- but thank God- you knew
Our relationship was tested through my teenage years
Only unconditional love could take away my fears
You taugt me to cook, clean, and keep house
Just in case I would someday become a spouse
Your love kept me safe and out of harms' way
You were shielding and protecting me day by day
I never told you how much I enjoyed the stories you told
Your jokes were neverending, no matter how old
I inherited your smile and your laughter too
Your gentle spirit, and meekness, I got that from you
We thought that we were poor
We were so misguided
You were so much more than just our dad
You shielded, protected, and you provided
You fought that disease as long as you could
You never gave up and that was good
We laughed and talked until the end
I miss you, my hero, my frien