When We Both Can See Eternity

Written by: Terrell Martin

If we could only comprehend 
The miracle of this hour;
Awareness of existence 
Is beyond poetic power.  
As something we tend to overlook
In our daily routine woes;
Lost in pain and suffering 
Forgetting what we know.
Deep within and out again,
Intangibly unbound;
The fact that we’re even here at all
Is incomprehensibly profound.
No less than flower stems
Than stars that swirl and dance;
No less than a baby’s smile
Or true love and romance.
And sorrow, pain and tears like rain
That never stop their fall;
Therein too lie miracles
Perhaps there, most of all.
From out of ashes, rises Phoenix,
Out of fire comes the gold;
Life is more than meets the eye
Or what we can behold.
But I for one and you for two 
May meet where souls collide;
And when we both can see eternity 
This moment will have died.