The Brightest Star

Written by: Stenila Simon

Twinkles every twilight sky
With specks of stars awakening
And, shy, as thy peek out below,
Myself, I find, thus, listening:

Is there an angel chorus near?
Can symphonies of trumpets play,
And, can thee, friend, not with me, hear,
The melodies of harps at play?

My heart, it soars among the stars,
And as the twilight fades to night,
It searches through the mist and clouds,
For the star that shines most bright.

Alas, but to my hearts dismay,
This night is not the night I seek,
This evening is but another 
Night with darkness at its peak.

But in my heart, this hope is bright
And burning everyday, my dear,
That on a twilight soon to come, 
My star, my Christ, oh! He’ll be here!!!