Monster Masquerade

Written by: Samia Ali Arroyo

They said the party was to be the biggest of the year.
Planned up in the mountains to cause more fright and fear.
Everyone in town had been invited to attend.
To meet their brand new neighbors, have a chance for all to blend.

The ghoulish bash got started as the sun was going down.
The guests began arriving in their costumes, masks and gowns.
The stars that twinkled in the sky accompanied the moon.
A lovely backdrop for the merriment and happy tunes.

But when the midnight hour came the hosts began to change.
They all turned into monsters, hideous and quite deranged.
The massacre that followed lasted till the morning light.
The few that got away escaped into the darkened night.

For years the town was empty but then slowly people came.
In spite of whispered horrors, none believed the gruesome claim.
And when the town was whole again they all got an invite.
To join a monster masquerade, up in a mountain site.