In Whose Hands

Written by: Caroline Cécile Delacroix

Was on my way
 to visit a friend
 my mind in disarray
 Thinking of what I had lost
 Hit the road's end
 Facing the desolate coast
 Not knowing where I had deviated
 But here I was
 Upon this deserted beach
 Safe, I had ended here
 And the sea beckoned to me
 Took off my shoes
 And dipped my feet
 In its swirling waters
 I moved forward
 Toward the wave
 Coming at me
 Turned my back 
And let it roll over me
 The cold took me aback
 Jumping up and laughing
 My arms out, my heart caught
 In this exhilaration.
 I had died inside, careless,
 But now I was revived,
 My soul, weightless.

free verse © CarolineCecile