Demons Be Gone

Written by: John Rhinem

Tis not easy walking within this wretched flesh to face....

Once one has tasted the light of tomorrow borne inside its temple to be!?

Thus, everyday let this battle commence and I shall not fall although

I may bleed and wounds may pierce deeply this deceptive heart of mine

As I sometimes stumble to become dazed by an onslaughts parade....

Ever taunting afore these mirrors of its own misery as mocking 

The very eyes which behold sombers shadows, within their state?!

To be crushed as given this disease and plague shall be my vision ~

By the loving hands of The Most High that a poison may die; inside

Of a rotting corpse and but a memory in what used to be....

As one awakens unto the truth wherein they mark these chains fastened

Claws, still reaching from the tombs this ailment unto their veins!?

Shall we then again turn unto the throne of redemption; your cure 

That you may escape; the source of your strength, risen from the grave ~

To slay this beast of burden poured upon these lives that have lived

In this valley of the remnant of death wherein they have dwelled

Lingering amid their own remorse to crawl through this that they have made....

Their blood; not in me, not in you, not within this place; this day?!


....“Demons Be Gone” *