Shadows And Light, Night And Day

Written by: John Rhinem

The skies the limit tis what some say; peering around the corner?!

Considering the shadows and how they flee from the light....

Seventy-five watts, sunrise, highnoon, throughout the day

Always trying to get away, amid this charcoal chase ~

Personify and I wonder, if they ever wish they were the light....

Playing house while as they await, for the moon to rise!?

Sisters and brethren, we are gathered here this eve ~

The sky is the limit tis what they say; peering around the corner

At seventy-five watts considering, the sunrise and highnoon

Yearnful for the moon, and still I wonder if wishes were dreams....

Would the shadows yet flee, should the light become their day?!


....“Beyound the Night, Part 4” *