My life

Written by: brianna rivera

My life is unfair and i'm truely unkind,
because I have a love that will never be mine.
Millions of mistakes i've made,
and hundreds of doubts, 
are circling my head or floating about.

I'll never be above only below because my strong love for you,
has nowere to go.
It has weighed me down for so darn long,
I am starting to believe this is where I belong.

I'm suffocating in self-pity,
and drowning in doubt,
only because you won't give me a shout.

Will I move on?
I might find a way,
to be free of this curse will be a very special day.
I won't celebrate,
nor will I mourn.
Because my feelings for you
are so very torn.

It pains me to tell you I have to throw you away,
because I grow in love with you.
More and more each day.
The pain won't continue and the growing wil stop,
but only because you never gave me one shot.