Falling on Honeyed Grass

Written by: binibining p.iNk

Imagine yourself falling gently on grass,
wherein soft earth embraces you warmly.
Each drop of dew then tells you its story,
of how it broke free from its cage of glass.
You drink each bead, intrigued by what it has,
that makes you want more, that makes you thirsty.
A myriad of flavors, that changes daily,
 it never grows stale, no due dates to pass.

From bright kaleidoscopic waterfalls,
some honeyed mist found its way to this well,
which I’ve wished upon with this coin I threw…
And this is why I do not mind at all,
that I have stumbled, then tripped and then fell…
on earth that is you, that’s drunken me with dew.


--Italian Sonnet, Debbie sweetie ;)-- heehee, I tried >.<

** quick note: to everybody who’s passed by my poems lately,
 thank you very much ^_^—
Sorry, I can’t comment back right now, my connection is horrible (yet again!)
 and I am swamped o_O
and logged in here real quick to enter this 
in Debbie and Cyndi’s sonnet contest :D…
but hopefully I can drop by and say hello to you soon ^_^. 
Thank you again, especially to those who left comments
and asked how I was (I'm doing good, thank you ^_^)…
hope you guys are doing great as well,
and enjoy your week/end :D