Written by: Dalila Agtani

Where we live is universal It is men’s abode, they fight for it Only to become lethal Man now without mercy is cruel We love the EARTH and man is wise To be a fool, he abuses trees for his use Be it for personal and commercial He does irresponsible mining to his detriment His garbage and waste are left uncontrolled. But sure in pageantry we are not forgetful Of the monumental EARTH HOUR of this event! Each one representing The air, the water, the land, the fire, the rain, the trees And, Miss Earth is found and crowned A great face, an advocate , an ambassador Torchbearer of environmental protection Mindful of man’s obligation to save this planet By the second, by the minute, by the hour!
Note: I will diligently sort my garbage into 3 categories: real garbage, recyclable and food scraps (recycled as fertilizers), my humble way of preserving our planet Earth! Dalila G Agtani 4/25/12 Entered in a contest: Sponsor nikko palmario Contest Name: Beyond Earth Hour Writing Challenge