Written by: Roxann Schumacher

I’ve got a round-trip ticket to the after-life
Gonna follow the tunnel of light to the other side
Flatline,  I’ll be taking mental notes,
So, I can write a book about all I know
Flatline, I wonder what will be waiting for me
Flatline what a trip it’s going to be

 do you think the “Stones”, 
can start me up
Or maybe  I’ll need a real doctor,
 with electric shock
Flatline, to the other side
Giving me a preview, of the after-life

just a buzz on the machine
A flat little straight line, yep, that’ll be me
Visiting past relatives, till they bring me back
Don’t wait to long, to get my,
heart a beating and sinus rhythm intact
Flatline, what a trip it will be

it’s weird, like a crazy déjà vu
Back from the dead,
 is not the term I’d like use
Just Flatlined,
 in the technical sense of the way
Now knowing where,
 we are all headed one day