There was a time, I know I've been there
Felt the peace, the love, it was everywhere
The surroundings seemed so far but new
The stirring of feelings just grew and grew

Passing through the croud of many familiar faces
Visions of a fair there in the spaces
As though knowing I was searching for someone
He doing the same, longing for this moment to come

There I saw him, moving slowly toward me
When we touched, stand still moment in eternity
Every look, every movement, felt so good
I wish I could stay there, if i could i would

When we made love, a love like no other
A love that left nothing out to wonder
The kisses so warm and true
Mouths entertwined like the morning dew

I could feel my soul was leaving
We held on tight, vision was fading
As I woke up, I shed a tear
Not kowing when he'd come back, which year

We visited each other two or three times
When the time is right, I'll join my valentine
Together we will meet again
Hopefully never part, our souls in the wind

Written by:  Debra M. Falgout