Written by: Prince Ekpemandu

Don't be lazy 
I tell myself
Do something crazy....
Be that hard working elf
Don't write three lines
If they not have depth....
Go beyond simple letter on straight lines
Write from a true source,you heart.........

Don't be lazy i tell myself
I have a gift
That doesn't mean i should sleep on the shelf
Or under utilize it

Don't be crazy
Be creativity....
Let your mind be activate
Write something worth reading..SERIOUSLY

Don't be crazy
Give them poetry
Appease their hunger....
They've been waiting for a writer
Give them their heart desire
Rekindle that fire

                ********   Hi friends.Please leave your comments.This poem for me is a challenge to him and other poets.To step-up our game and write good poems.we've been lacking that for a while now.Its not about quantity,but quality..please leave a comment if you feel the same way too or otherwise....*****