Written by: john freeman

In the beginning Love proved concept is vain Extenuating circumstances of concepts are vain, Truth proved love, the same, not to be vain, Manifesting truth as a body in essence vain, That love and its truth be in essence not vain, Love’s hope was that truth would not remain vain, Returning true essence to Loves peace again, In marriage of twain to void the void of vain, Vanity of vanity, in eternity, it is quite vain, The truth did live even in the void body of vain, Abram found truth even in the void of his vain, Noah proved truth in sight of humanity quite vain, These men proved death’s message void and vain, In twain, death providence proves that void is vain, As Love repented of His truth buried in flesh vain, Precept proved truth in the concept of a void vain, Living of the flesh, no eternity stash, it is in vain, Truth is in simplicity, complex concepts are vain… …Selah!