Having a Bad Day

Written by: Samia Ali Arroyo

Today I had the roughest day that I have ever had.
Of all the crazy, wacky ones, this day’s been really bad.
It started when I first woke up and fell out of my bed.
I cut my scalp so deep the blood was dripping from my head.

I found some gauze and taped it on until the bleeding stopped.
I put the coffee on then in the shower quickly hopped.
But then I dropped the bar of soap, that’s when I slipped and fell. 
I twisted my right ankle and my knee began to swell.

I poured some shampoo on my head and lathered up my hair.
But some of it got in my eyes and burned beyond compare.
Then as I limped out of the tub and went to grab my towel.
I noticed something smelled real bad, something very foul.

The eggs that I was boiling were now burning in the pot. 
The house was filled with smoke and the alarm just wouldn’t stop.
I grabbed the broom and swatted the alarm with all my might.
Instead I hit the ceiling lamp and shattered the whole light.

I quickly backed away as glass had flown around the room.
The day was only one hour old but I was filled with doom.
I opened up the windows and the smoke went streaming out.
My neighbors must have called the firemen I have no doubt.

Then in the hazy smoke I got some glass stuck in my foot.
I guess I should have sat right down and really just stayed put.
The firemen were quick to come, and call an ambulance.
I felt like I was in a daze, a crazy dream or trance.

The EMS removed the glass that stuck inside my feet.
They bandaged up my ankle and my knee, they were so sweet.
I guess I just can’t win, so back to bed I’ll go and stay.
And hopefully, tomorrow it will be a better day.