A prayer for God

Written by: Robert Ball

Lord you are mighty loving and have a masterful plan.
As a sinner and a carnal man, I hurt for humanity, I truly understand.
When I let the devil control my inner thoughts,
I remember Jesus, the Holy Spirit tells me His death hasn't gone for naught.

Problems have entered my mind Jesus is powerful and without Him guiding me, I can't win.
So I pray Lord that you'll aid me if it's your will and not let this carnal sin in.
Your statutes your commandments I will follow till I die.
Alone without you aiding me I will truly fail, and my soul will wail and cry.

Asking in faith guide me to where you want me to be.
I'm asking for help please help me spiritually.
The worlds evil master has recently tempted my faith.
I alone know that with you, if you will, will guide my writtings and make you great.

I fear that you have deserted me as a carnal man and I'm loosing my path.
The fear of loosing my faith will incur your wrath.
God you are my rock with you I cannot fail.
So asking in prayer if it is your will, we together will prevail.

God the father has blessed this nation called America.
Has America stopped to bless you? exalting your power?
What belongs to the devil let hin be cast to the eternal fire.
Make your people want your everlasting love, this is what I desire.