Emily Rose

Written by: John Rhinem

I was standing there in the silence

Watching her from afar....

Far from the blinds of ignorance

The tombs, of narrow thought?!

A girl I had known many years ago

Years afore the darkened one's

Had come to maime her life....

Or at least, the sanity of her mind!?

Unfortunate this reflection; as I stood there

In the silence as I watched; I thought

To these the simpler views; perceptions

With these painted eyes; the shallow kind....

Caught in this web of perhaps, forever lost?!

The damned I thought, as I stood there

Amid the silence; the silence; silence

Until, the silence talked; ironic I thought

As I smiled upon her priceless Soul ~

Knowing the ultimate outcome; befalling the lost!?

Carried away, as I watched; while I watched....


...."Emily Rose" *