Where Are You

Written by: Franklin Goode

From your date of birth to this present time, the question pleads for an answer.  How many times have you been asked this question?  

The first human was asked and surely you want be the last.
The question is real.  You have the right to know the answer. It is scientific, theological, physiological, and both just and right.

If are no longer here, you must be there.  If you don’t know where you are, surely others can’t know?  Maybe yes?  Maybe no? Do you believe in ghosts?

The question is real, and it can heal. It will continue to be asked by the first and the last. Are you really a person of wisdom?  Yes! You? Do you have the answer? A clue? Who are you?

Is it fear or joy that prevents the truth?  Joy awakens.  Fear confuses. I thought truth was fearless… Have no fear, you are, where you are.  Perhaps, not where you want to be. Nevertheless, you are there.

May I shed an ounce of light on your location? After all, would you not do the same for me?

Yes! I know exactly where you are.  Not from whence you come, not where you are going.  But I know exactly where you are.  You are two golden moments from where you were a moment ago. 

Now, if you hurry you can catch up, with where you should be…
“Life is a Menu, it has Trials and Tribulations, Moments of Wisdom and an Abundance of Love.  Enjoy the Menu.”  

Franklin E. Goode  “Dr. G”