Finally Found My PIE

Written by: Pace INK-U-SCRIPT

                                                   To Puberty;
                                           A sudden crave for Pie
                                      Couldn't tell you what kind of Pie
                            My conscious only told me to search for this Pie
                        From young adult to adult, yet, I haven't found this Pie
             I've traveled the distance going to several restaurants, and yet, no Pie
         I stumbled across a stranger, and somehow we started talking about this Pie
        He stated, "whatever your needs, wants, or desires, just pray, even if its Pie
             Shaking my head in disbelief, I walked away, still thinking about this Pie
               Starving; at home willing to do something different about this Pie
                 I kneeled down beside my bed; my eyes were closed to this Pie
                   Thinking back to the conversation I had in regards to this Pie
                    Finally mustering up words, I prayed and asked for this Pie
                      I received a voice saying, " You have now found the PIE,


                                             Now, my son, eat of this Pie
                                                          For I'AM
                                                        YOUR ONLY
 Pace, G