Backyard Birds

Written by: peggy caulfield

The birds in our backyard,
Are happy little guys.
Always pecking for their food,
Till us humans wander by.

The woodpecker is busy,
With his powerful bill;
Pecking fiercely on the pole,
Like a jack-hammer drill.

The bright red licensed pilot,
Zooms in with great speed.
In his cardinal jet he flies over,
To scoop up the seed.

With their needle-like beaks,
The humming birds poke about;
Like surgical doctors,
They extract the juice out.

Sitting on the clothes line,
Waiting for a ride;
The engineer comes out, 
The sparrows fly away and hide.

Mr. Blue Jay is an officer,
Whose looking for a thief;
He sees the birds are pecking,
And calls the local chief.

The robin comes to bring us joy,
When anyone is down.
He has the best cheer-up medicine,
Then any pharmacy around.

Many birds have come our way.
Their songs are very fine.
I like that they come in our yard,
Feel free to perch and dine.