Sexual enticements

Written by: Leonard Taormina

Nasty and naughty suggestive and lewd
But I guess when it’s over you just might get screwed.
Male or female it’s anyone’s guess;
Waiting to catch me they give it their best
     Peaked through those windows but never went in;
     It’s reflections of mirrors like self-prescribed sin.
     With my hands I hold money not grip at myself;	
     And that kind of thinking was felled behind shelves.
I’ve lived in the bedroom and danced to the beat;
And swam in Loves Rivers with the ladies I meet.
I lived it I ate it I drove it all night;
But I’ve never been desperate that’s just not right.
     I’ve hid around corners and ran for my life;
     And I lost a good woman that once was my wife.
     Disappointed some people been told I was bad
     I’ve had my heart broken and life was so sad.
It’s been said not to get close I ‘m like something you catch;
Like a habit you can’t break an itch with a scratch.
Don’t try to entice me with kitty and ass;
I don’t even know you I think I will pass