Written by: Margaret Kline

Everythings not right 
Everythings changed 
nothings the same 
nobodys the same 
no one smiles the same 
since you left 

your gone 
and theres nothing we can do about it 
i wish i could turn back time 
to spend more time with you 
but would that change the hurt 
or would it make it worse?

Everyone is broken inside
its so hard to stay strong 
to hide all the pain we are feeling
nobody understands how we feel 
we've got nowhere to turn 
nowhere to run 

i want to be strong 
i dont want to be afraid 
afraid to know that 
someday we will be with you again 
knowing a peice of us is not here
is the hardest 

but i know 
your looking over us and keeping us safe 
until we meet again, 

i cry as i say
Goodnight Pop Kline