The Storm

Written by: Fanessa Bendall

There is that moment that you know the storm is coming
You can see it in the eye's of people you know
Feel it brew in everything around you
The storm is in the air
It comes with only one objective
The objective to destroy
To take what was and change it for ever more
Sometimes completely whipping out what once existed
Trying to save some things you start to prepare
Removing any place that it could get in
Moving valuables to safe places where they are out of reach
Also taking shelter waiting for impact
After some time the storm passes
You leave what you thought was a safe place to see that everything is gone
The storm has done what it came to do
Then moves on and starts all over again
You are left with nothing but a shadow of what you once had
Rebuilding is the only move
But nothing will be as strong as it was before the storm
No matter what you create you will never feel at home
Left to wonder the days away
Thinking back to the days before the storm
Wondering if you could have saved anything
To wish that the storm never was
It comes with only one objective
The objective to bring on change